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PMU also knows as micropigmentation or semi-permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing where bio-compatible pigments are infused into the skin via a soft hit needle into the dermal layer of ther skin which will gradually fade over time.

Results can last upto 3 years and is completely safe, non-surgical and realistic, naturally enhancing facial features and contours.


Microblading - £350.00 (inc top up 4-6 after)

A method of semi-permanent make up using a manual hand tool to mimic hair strokes for flattering thicker brows with a natural shape. Not suitable for oily or mature skin.

Lasts 10-12months (90 minute treatment)

Ombre Brows/Shading - £395.00 (inc top up 4-6 weeks after)                                                

A soft shadow of pigment through the brows for a more defined look or a softer natural everyday look. This technique uses a device where pigment can be layered for a look that suits you. Suitable for all skin types.

Lasts 15-18months before a colour boost is required (90 minute treatment)

Combination Brows - £420.00 (inc top up 4-6 weeks after)                                        

This technique combines hair strokes and shading to create added definition to areas with little to no hair growth. Suitable for most skin types with exception of extremely oily skin.

Lasts 10-18months


Adding definition on the eyes for a youthful appearance - anything from a simple lash line enhancement for a thicker looking lash line or a more bold, traditional eyeliner for a 'make up' look. Dependant on eye shape, different styles of eyeliner can be created.                                                        


Traditional top liner with small wing - From £320.00 (inc top up 4-6 weeks after)    


Lash Defining Liner - From £280.00 (inc top up 4-6 weeks after)     


Advanced Shaded Liner - From £350.00 (inc top up 4-6 weeks after)                                                                   


Sheer Lips - £350.00 (inc top up 6-8 weeks after)                                                                           

A soft and extremely natural wash of colour throughout natural lip shape.

HD Lips/Lip Blush - From £425.00 (inc top up 6-8 weeks after)    

Full saturation of colour to achieve a high definition. A longer lasting 'lipstick like' effect with definition. 

Lip Neutralising - From £250.00 (may require 2-5 treatments 8-10weeks apart)                         

Ideal for those with cool undertones, hyper pigmented lips to warm and brighten up for a more rejuvenated appearance. 

All treatments are bespoke and individually designed for each client and is discussed on the day     

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